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Ways We Help
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Our Free of Charge Concierge Service

At Travel Defend, we ensure that you are protected with a policy and company that will actually protect you. 


We answer all questions and concerns, explain the options and exclusions and will do the paperwork for you -  it is the ultimate win-win. 


Simply give us a call at 1-800-578-2871


Email us at

Quick, Easy and Hassle-Free. 
That’s the Travel Defend Way.


Start a Quote And Purchase On Your Own

Our patented algorithm knows which is the best policy to recommend for your situation and since Travel Defend brings thousands of policies to the insurance companies, you are no longer a faceless name to the insurance company.

You will now benefit from the clout Travel Defend wields and since we never upcharge a penny for our service and guidance, it truly is the ultimate win-win.

Let the Power of Travel Defend Work For You.
That’s the Travel Defend Way.

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Travel Defend provides world class travel insurance assistance and guidance. Purchasing Travel Insurance can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. The majority of travelers often lack a clear understanding of what the options are and what they are buying. When your financial and physical well-being is at stake, ensuring you are legitimately protected is a serious matter.

There are many common questions you may have:
• How do I make sure I am legitimately protected?
• Which insurance companies actually pay out?
• What specific coverages do I need for my trip?
• What are the options and exclusions of the different policies?
• How do I make sure I am medically protected on my trip?
• What do I do if I need to make a claim?

The more costly the trip is, the more important these questions become.

We Know You Are Not An Expert at This, But We Are.


Our personalized concierge service ensures that you are legitimately protected. We answer all your questions and concerns, offer the best option for your particular situation and take care of all the paperwork to make sure the process is hassle-free. Since we bring thousands of policies to the insurance companies, they take care of our people, which means that if you have a claim, we can help you every step of the way. The best part is that you never pay a penny more for our service, so it’s the ultimate win-win. Simply give us a call at 1-800-578-2871 to get started.


You Never Pay a Penny More For Our World Class Service.

Always Full Service, That’s the Travel Defend Way.

Features of Travel Defend
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Features of Travel Defend

The ultimate win-win. You never pay a penny more by working with Travel Defend

One on one Concierge Service available to answer all questions and concerns

We are not beholden to any one insurance company 

Our expertise ensures you are protected by the best company for your specific situation

We take care of all the paperwork to ensure accuracy and a stress-free experience 

As a brokerage, we can link up large groups, so that if one person is affected – all can collect

Since we bring thousands of policies to the insurance companies- they take care of our people

Our clients receive priority treatment from the insurance companies

We have a direct line to the claims department and will use our clout to help you

We can take care of the entire claim paperwork for you (*Fees may apply)

We are available via Whatsapp to assist you overseas with any issues that may arise on your travels


Quick, Easy, Hassle-Free. That’s the Travel Defend Way.

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Concierge Service

Direct Line to Claims Department

Guarantee to Find Best Policy for Your Situation

Link Group/Family Policies

Takes Care of all Paperwork

Receive Priority Treatment from Insurance Company

Connect Via Whatsapp for Immediate Assistance While Traveling






“Travel Defend has been incredible. They found me the best policy and when I needed it, they were there to help me.”

Susan Glazer, Detroit. MI

Tour Operators

Tour Operators
Partner With Us

At Travel Defend, we are the trusted partner to over 100 tour operators and assist tens of thousands of luxury clients annually.

As a tour operator it is crucial that every traveler have travel insurance. Not only is there potential liability if a guest should get ill or injured on the tour, it is also imperative that you shield yourself financially from cancellations and the like. Additionally, your clients financial and medical well-being is at stake, as well – so having travel insurance is in everyone’s best interest. We know this is not your expertise or core business, but it is ours.

We assist all of your guests with their travel insurance needs and pay you a commission.

It’s the ultimate win-win.

We know which companies really pay out and take care of people and our clients receive priority treatment from the insurance companies. We have a direct line to the claims department, which means we never just sell a policy and walk away – we are with your traveler every step of the way. 

Protecting your client and your liability while generating easy pure profit.

That's the Travel Defend Way.

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